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Hey there!

Many people asked us for hiking ideas in Switzerland or details about tours, etc…. so with no further due I’m super excited to announce that

We will be launching a series of hiking events this summer!

Yeiiiii !!! 🙂

These hiking events / tours will be of different types of levels of experience, training, etc. and will give you the chance to discover some of our favorite special places!

We are currently based in the area of Montreux (1820 Montreux, Switzerland), so we will make you discover the beauties around here and in Wallis. Did you:

  • ever had the chance to discover our beautiful mountain slopes full of Narcisses Flowers? Renown poets have been charmed by the beauty of our « Snow of May » since many centuries, and you can get the chance to see it for yourself.
  • or maybe you’ve always dreamt of coming close to wild alpine ibexes? We can almost guarantee you to see them up close with us (almost… because they still remain wild animal and have a mind of their own 😉  )
  • you definitely will also be charmed by a stroll in a beautiful wild gorge, following the river that flows in the middle of it
  • we will be organizing also two-days hiking tours, with an overnight in bucolic cabins or shelters. The charm and unique ambiance of these places will definitely remain beautiful memories of your outing with us.
  • don’t miss the chance to go pick wild blueberries on top of a nice mountain.

We gladly also organise a personalized hiking tour for you, your friends and your family, feel free to contact us!

☻ You will find our next events in our menu « JOIN US EVENTS », but also on our Facebook Page:

PS: We will still keep posting itineraries on our website but our events will provide you with the security of a guide giving you an insight of the places you’re going to discover, personalized info about the area and so much more! (like a souvenir picture of your outing) For full details of what’s included or not, please read our Rules and Regulations document below  🙂

Our Events’ Rules and Regulations can be found here in english: FollowUsOutside_Rules and Regulations / Conditions Générales: FollowUsOutside_Conditions Generales


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