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Hey there!

Today the weather got finally a little better, after daaaaays of rain!

So I decided to go see the fields of Narcisses in my area! I want to organise a little afterwork hiking event and needed to have a look around for possibilities.

I think I know now where to go…. 😉

  • By the way, did you know that world renowned poets from the last century would travel to our area for the beauty of our Narcisse fields in spring?
  • Even Ernest Hemingway would describe our region in his book « A farewell to arms », and he even described these beautiful Narcisses fields in a letter that he sent to his dad on 24th May 1922 😀
  • The picking of Narcisses are very controlled today in order to protect them (one hand bouquet is permitted, if not mentioned otherwise in front the fields), but it used to be a tradition through the years:

Here are some pictures below! Hope you enjoy it!

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We’re going to put all the details there 🙂






Here are some pictures of the place I’m going to take you to during the afterwork:

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