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Hi and welcome again!

This time my friend Cindy wanted to show me her backyard. Since we still have a lot of snow, we decided to go for a « not so high » summit: the Suggiture Summit (2’084m), in the area of the Bern Oberland.

This region is so beautiful, with both lakes of Thun and Brienz surrounded by mountains!! You’ve got to put this area on your list 🙂


We left the car at the Alp Lombach. To my surprise, we have to pay for a parking fee! Yep…. welcome in the Bern county….. 🙁 !! So make sure you do pay your parking space… apparently they do check it, even when you’re in a far far away mountain pasture pass…..

From there, just like most trails in Switzerland, the way is well marked with yellow signs and we follow the indication to « Augstmatthorn ». They indicate about 2hours hiking… We decide to take the left side to climb this abrupt mountain ridge.

The snow has not been gone for a long time and the ground is still soaked! Most of the trail is a big pot of mud…. which makes it kinda harder to keep going. The more the trail gets steep, the more slippery it gets… Hiking poles are a true help. We still have to cross a big « névé » (snowfield) just before reaching the top of the ridge.


While the view on the Alp Lombach is a beautiful greenish landscape, « pastures style », with middle range mountain tops, the view on the other side of the ridge is incredible!! You get a full panoramic view on both the Brienz Lake down below, and majestic 3000 and 4000m high mountains summits! Not to mention the clouds that look like they are dancing around us! 🙂 Amazing mystical ambiance!

The trail takes us on our right, all the way on the top of the ridge to the Suggiture Summit. The trail is narrow and often has a vertiginous view on the lake down below… Many fixed cables are available on the tricky parts of the trail.

We had a small picnic on the top of the mountain, enjoying the view! But we quickly started our way down, before the weather would change!

After some tricky steep snowfields, we finally made it back (in the mud… lol) …. to the car before the rain, thunder and lightnings…

It was a blast! 🙂


  • ELEVATION: 604m
  • Altitude min: 1’556m
  • Altitude max: 2’107m
  • TIME (without breaks): 03h00

This hike is steep, narrow, very « aerial », can be very slippery and requires a good level of fitness and mountain knowledge! Be careful who you’re bringing along, this is not a beginner’s hike!



Here is a little video of our hike:

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