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Hey everyone,

Do you also feel sometimes like you need a way out of your daily stress??

Well this weekend I definitely needed a break from the daily craziness and decided to « sweat it out » hehe. I left home (Les Avants, above Montreux) to go to the Dent de Lys Summit! The way there and back is almost 29K and almost + 1’900m…. uff… that was quite some hike!

The views were incredible, but the way to the summit is pretty challenging! If you’re scared of heights, don’t go there!!!  It’s definitely a technical trail and should only be taken when the ground is dry!

But as the icing on the cake, I had the marvelous encounter with 3 young alpine ibexes on the summit itself, and I actually think that I never got that close to them before!! MAGICAL!!!!

The way back was feeling quite long though… but that was a perfect « therapy » hike on that day for me! 🙂

Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures 🙂

Take care and talk to you soon!

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